Erin Ahern

About the Author

Growing up, Erin Ahern communicated solely through movie, television, and advertising quotes. Little did she know, she'd one day have a career in writing them.

Currently, Erin is a Copywriter at Ogilvy & Mather, alumnae of The Second City, and yoga instructor with a thick, unapologetic Wisconsin accent. She resides in Chicago with her boyfriend, dog and dying plants, and used to spend her free time in dive

bars and whining about the CTA (not always simultaneously). Now, she spends her free time at home eating ice cream and staring out the window waiting for her next idea to strike.

Her pursuit in life is to watch every show and movie, and read every book that's been recommended to her. However, knowing that's impossible, she might start actually trying to keep her plants alive.  


Email her here to ask how that's going.

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CFA Institute

Professional Experience

2016 - 2020


Ogilvy Chicago


February 2020

Accelerated Writing

The Second City

May 2016

B.A. Strategic Communications

University of Wisconsin - Madison

School of Journalism and Mass Communications